Words To Save

Should we save our writing rejections? Mostly, I move them to a folder in my email and try to ignore that they exist. While we’re in the query trenches, it can sometimes feel like there is no hope of ever having the industry recognise our worth. Most writers I know find themselves stilted creatively whilst querying, poised on the kerb, unsure whether to start a new project or whether to wait for revisions or rewrites of their current manuscript; re-writes that will come from their, as yet, faceless literary agent or publisher.

Sending queries out is exhausting. It’s extremely time-consuming and it can be soul-suckingly disappointing. But it’s not all bad. Rejections can also bring a much needed glimmer of hope to those willing to see it. A fellow writer friend, said that she kept all her ‘positive’ rejections in a folder that she pulled out and immersed herself in whenever she felt negativity closing in during the submission process.

My own rejection count is considerable. I have written and subbed three novels, so it would be. But I refuse to be cowed by subjectivity. Instead, I am collecting those phrases from my rejections which make the submission battle worthwhile. These are my testimonials from the industry, the ones that assure me that I’m oh so close, the snippets that propel me onto a new project. Below are six of my favourite. I apologise if this post seems egotistical but frankly, I think I’ve earned it. I hope it encourages other writers to sift through their ‘not for me’ pile and rescue those rejections which make them smile.

The writing is engaging, the idea is appealing and you write with real energy and imagination.

I enjoyed the liveliness of the writing and characterisation

You write with fluidity and this story has many engaging elements.

You write very well, with assurance and flair.

The writing is impressive, which is why this section is so short. I don’t think agents or publishers would have cause to reject your work due to any issues of technical writing competence or style. (From Cornerstones Literary Consultants)

Have you had a positive rejection? Feel free to share yours in the comments below.

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