About Me: A poem


I’ve written a short poem on what I love to read and what I love to write:

I like stories of action, thrills, friendship, family and romance

Works of suspense that are so immense, your head melts with tension.

And did I mention I squeal for history with a dash of mystery or a little time travel to help the tale unravel,

Like magic rugs or hugs that carry you over generations, no love’s ever stationary,

Constantly roving where characters’ hearts are growing

Or shrinking. It must get me thinking: wow I didn’t see that coming.

So I keep my story running, I like to write about emotion that’s deep as the ocean,

Steeped in feels with wraparound eels that squirm and wiggle

In toes and fingers; where all excitement lingers and collides.

Eyes wide or maybe shy,

Nervous for what might come by with the turning of a page,

Or a word from a sage to their mentee. Did you mean me?

No, it’s only a character that’s there,

Fighting, loving, laughing, sobbing;

Now you’ve unlocked the ticking of a book cover’s clock,

Your heart,

Because you’ve played the part from the start,

Into shoes that run to or from that song of old: a story told.

On Twitter: @LivKiernan

Writing for YA and Children: www.OliviaBright.com


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