Final week of NaNoWriMo

It’s the final week of NaNoWriMo, supposedly the downhill slide but it feels like the hill is really a maze where the entirety of the english vocabulary is hidden. There is something to be said for recharging the creative batteries in between writing bursts and that something is, that it helps. Greatly.  But NaNoWriMo demands that you write through even when the tank is empty. It demands you take up that much-licked spoon and scrape the pot because over the next week, somehow, you need ten thousand words of scrapings. In some ways, my writing has so much momentum, I’ve reached a deliciously exciting twist, one which I’ve thought about writing since I typed the first words of this novel. So I’ve lots to say. Only it just feels like I’ve run out of words to say it with.

When you’re writing with such intensity, after a  few weeks you begin to hear every overused word, every writing crutch, every stretched cliche. Normally when you’ve finished a novel, it’s difficult to see these issues and you need to put the novel away for a couple of months before you edit so that you can spot them. Conversely, writing with such intensity as in NaNoWriMo, spending so much time daily with your own narrative voice soon makes you ultra aware of the cracks. You get in concentrated form, echoing back at you from the past week’s work all the things you’ll need to correct later. But it’s okay. I won’t panic. When the time comes, I’ll rewrite.

Are you taking part in National Novel Writing Month?

If so, how is your writing going?

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