New Year, New Writing?

Oh yes, it’s January. Time for those revolutionary resolutions to come out. Battle lines are being drawn all over as we make war with our bad habits and tackle those dreamy goals. In writing, mine is to dig deep and get the most from my craft. This past year has seen many a turn in my writing and I am more aware of craft than I have ever been. The development of craft varies from project to project and year on year; any writer, no matter how far along they are, will tell you that. Last year, I was all about challenging myself by writing in different forms, from script writing, sketch writing, short story to joke structure. Each structure brought about its own challenges, from keeping scene description tight when writing drama scripts, to timing and word economy in comedy sketches and finding the turning points in a short story. This year, I’m going to continue writing in other forms as well as novels. There’s a drama that’s been percolating over the last year, which I hope to get finished and a satisfyingly dark crime novel to edit.

Do you have any writing goals for 2016? Maybe this is year you’d like to try writing a novel for the first time?

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