How To Write a Novel: Episode 1

How to write a Novel?

So you want to write a novel? Flex the creative muscles? Fancy yourself a bit of a scribe? Great stuff. Most people have a sense of something they might like to write about, this might be as vague as their favourite genre, or maybe they have a family story that they’d like to elaborate on, a memoir?

My first suggestion is to get thee to a good old-fashioned notebook and pen. For a few days, take the time to make a notes on your idea. You will soon see that once you set about writing, the ideas grow. Again, don’t get caught up on the fact that your thoughts don’t seem big or grand enough to fill a book. Give your imagination extra rein and let it run. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what turns out on the page.

If you’re stuck, try brainstorming. Put a central thought or idea in the middle of your page and jot down connecting thoughts, soon you’ll be desperately scribbling down strands of dialogue and plot ideas.

I suggest using paper over computer as we a freer to fill all the space; creative thoughts are not likely to be linear and therefore do not always suit a format that forces us to think chronologically. We are also freer to add to, scribble out and move around the page when using a pen and paper. Not surprisingly we are less carefree on a computer screen where everything is restrained by formatting and we have to think about typing.

Try it out! Capture those ideas and begin building your novel today.

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