How to Write a Novel: Episode 4


Making the most of your setting can really lift your story. But your narrative shouldn’t be weighted down with super lengthy, trudging descriptions. There’s a time for detail and there’s a time for broad strokes.

BrusselsA few words of detail can really lift a description and put your reader firmly in your characters’ world. For example, if you’ve started out your scene with a hot day, don’t forget to have your character react to this throughout your scene. Sometimes it’s all too easy to set your character up in an environment and leave all the work there. But if your character is moving through a hot day, they should feel that; they should sweat, squint at the sun, delight in a light breeze. IMG_Ireland It can sometimes be difficult to describe your setting with freshness and originality. Photographs can really help you when re-imagining your setting. Next time you’re out for a walk, take the time to snap some shots of the hedgerows, the riverbanks, the city streets. Don’t be afraid to use real places to ignite your imagination and help you really nail your setting.


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