All’s Fair in Editing

Editing is a strange process for the writer. You’re asking yourself to stand both inside and outside the world you’ve created. You need to be close enough to imagine what parts of your narrative are missing but objective enough to see what a reader sees. Add too much and you steal all enjoyment from your reader, detract too much and your reader falls into the cracks of a disjointed novel. In time, a writer becomes too familiar with their own work. What a writer believes their work is saying and what it’s actually saying becomes too difficult to separate. There is only one solution for this: time. Even a couple of weeks away from your book can win you some perspective back.

This week, I’ve cleared some room to work on my draft which has really helped get into the right mindset. After a full day yesterday, I feel more in touch with the narrative and the characters’ voices, which is such a lovely place to be again. It leaves me feeling more confident to go forward with the changes that need to be made. Apart from tweaking the plot, the editing process has seen me searching for the Irish Gaelic for ‘control’ which is, Rialu, with a fada over the u. Shameful that I don’t know that, my old Irish teacher would be horrified. I’ve also taken a dip back into some of my research on the deep connections between the art and chemistry worlds. Who said editing was hard? (She says crying onto her keyboard).

Happy reading! Happy writing!



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