Creative Journaling

My notebooks tend to contain more about plot points and ideas for stories and novels than an actual exploration on my ‘feelings’ about writing, which seems like, by the way, an excellent form of procrastination. So, I thought, clearly I’m missing out here on some quality non-writing writing, I need to explore this further. I used to keep a creative journal years ago but somehow it fell by the way side with all the ‘actual’ writing that I had to shoe horn in around my other life commitments but just this last few weeks I’ve saved space to comment on my ‘process’ a little more. Only because, as I embark on my next novel I find myself tapping the pen against my head and going: ‘now, how did I do this last time?’ It seems writing a book is NOT like riding a bike and one is required to relearn EVERYTHING for each one.


When writing is going well, I imagine I’m like a character in a matrix movie, jacked into the ‘real’ world and being free to take what I want from it. I am fully immersed in this ‘other’ place. Of course, I’m only jacked into some weird version of my subconscious, I still have to use my conscious to get my ideas down. Now, that might be grand for most writers – good on you, by the way – but for me, my conscious brain frequently walks me into door jams, pours salt into my coffee and puts my shoes in the fridge when it means to put the milk. All in all, my conscious mind is a bit of prick most of the time and changes all my lovely ideas to illegible shite when it comes to getting it on the page.

So I’m thinking, a bit more free writing into a journal and getting a bit more ‘touchy-feely’ with my subconscious (that’s what the kids are calling it these days) may train my conscious mind to just listen the hell up and write down ALL the ideas as they are in my head. So Brain, creative journaling it is. Prepare for greatness. Any creative journalers out there?



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