Off to…

Off to Berlin this weekend to fill the creative pot and recharge a bit. Berlin is one of those places where there’s story at every corner, sounding incredibly cliched there but it’s true! The history is so marked and radical, political changes turn on a cork screw. The Wall went up so quickly (overnight) in 1961 that families were split apart. Residents never realised how aggressively the East side would be guarded. Here is a photo of East Germany, soldier, Hans Conrad Shuman who hastily jumped to West Germany during construction of the wall.

Residents were not allowed to approach the wall or they risked being shot. Here is a photo of Dorit Schmiel, a 20 year old woman who was shot fatally trying to cross the wall shortly after it was put up.

There are so many wonderful murals around the city, eccentric pubs, cafes and restaurants. Here are a few more photos from my last trip.





Holocaust memorial
Stolperstein: literally meaning ‘stumbling block’. Brass cobble naming victims of Nazi persecution.

Of course, as always, I’ll have my computer with me. Writing is never left behind.

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