This Is Not A Drill

Sitting here on a rainy Saturday waiting for a break in the clouds so I can take my writer’s backside out for a jog, or slow-falling-forward as I like to call it. I handed in copyedits for TOO CLOSE TO BREATHE last week and now it’s more waiting to see if they come back to me again. But it’s not all twiddling thumbs and tapping fingers here, I managed to shape up a short story yesterday, a story that has been waiting in the wings for a few months.

I approach short stories as you might an injured bird, cautiously, respectfully but knowing at any minute it could flap up into your face and kill you with a heart attack. Extreme thoughts? I think not! I have a great respect for the form, knowing deep down that it will always best me but also feeling a sort of duty to the ideas that come shouting: ‘Hi, I’m a short story, you should write me.’ This story came flapping into my face a few months ago and as short stories are wont to do declined to share an ending. The ending came waddling up to me last week which was considerate as coming to the end of my copyedits it was nice to work on something smaller for a few days.

In other news, there are secret book cover discussions for TOO CLOSE TO BREATHE going on behind the scenes. Whisht. Don’t say a word. But. This is so exciting! How can it be that I didn’t even have a literary agent a year ago and now this is happening? I’ve been dusting off my Facebook Page so you can now find me on: Olivia Kiernan Author. Here, you’ll be able to follow progress on TOO CLOSE TO BREATHE, release dates and other juicy tidbits so do give the page a ‘like’ if you’re interested.

Happy Reading!

PS the photo is of Clontarf strand just off Bull Island, family home of DCS Frankie Sheehan in TOO CLOSE TO BREATHE (published byriverrun 5th April 2018)




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