Crime Fiction and Frankie!

In just under ten weeks, my novel TOO CLOSE TO BREATHE will be on shelves and hopefully in the hands of readers. As a newbie on the publishing block, I’ve been asked quite a bit: ‘why crime?’ I’ve written across the board in many genres but crime feels like the most natural fit for me. I wanted to write characters who were pushed to the end of their strengths, wit and emotion. And looksie here, I’ve many years university training under my belt on anatomy, physiology and health sciences. Is it a coincidence that Too Close To Breathe opens with an autopsy? No!

When I started writing TOO CLOSE TO BREATHE, Frankie’s voice was the first thing to come to me. I knew she was high ranking in the Garda Siochana, the police force in Ireland, and I knew she was tough, certainly much tougher than me. As I wrote, I learned more about her through her voice and the way she let the story unfold. I could sense an unnerving uneasiness in her, like she saw herself as one way but something had changed in her recently and the image she had of herself and how she felt no longer aligned. This is when I knew she had suffered a serious attack. A real game changer in her approach to her work. When the book opens, we see her start out on an investigation into what looks like a suicide but which quickly escalates into a dark and complex murder investigation that pulls on all of Frankie’s physical an emotional reserves.

If you like the sound of TOO CLOSE TO BREATHE you can get ahead of the game and find the killer who likes to play dead. Preorder HERE.

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