Mad as a March Writer

Exactly two weeks to go to publication date for my crime thriller, Too Close to Breathe. I’m calm. Yep. No! What has been surprisingly nice about these last few months has been writing posts for bloggers about the book or answering questions online on the things that inspired me to write Too Close To Breathe. You forget some of the more strange things you researched. And boy do you research some strange things when writing crime. You can read about the ‘phone’ incident in this interview here: (DreambyDay).

Images of my novel are appearing on Instagram, in wonderfully artistic shots. The pictures when they pop up in my feed really push the reality of publication home to me. To see my name on the spine, on the cover, I can’t help thinking how far this book has come and the whole strange and mysterious process that goes with it. From when Frankie walked into my head to the oddity of choosing her surname (I saw it on the side of a skip!) to the origin of all the little threads of the novel, what inspired them and how they all came together at the right time. From going to Chichester cathedral in West Sussex a couple of weeks before beginning the novel and seeing the stunning red of the Chagall stain-glass window which triggered a whole subplot in Too Close To Breathe. From stumbling across a documentary on the dark web months before that to seeing a bonsai tree in a shop window and deciding this would be the perfect hobby for Frankie Sheehan. And later, discovering that Frankie’s surname which seemed to happen upon me, actually is the anglicised version of the Gaelic name Síocháin, Síocháin meaning ‘peace’ as in An Garda Síochána (the guardians of peace), the Irish police force.  By happenstance, I had chosen the perfect name for Frankie, a Chief Superintendent in the Gardaí.

Here’s a vidja of me holding a hardback copy of Too Close To Breathe for the first time. I really wish I had a better face for video but I don’t. Sorry. But, isn’t the cover amazing?

I hope whatever you’re reading is gripping and whatever you’re writing is coming easily.

You can get your mitts on a copy of Too Close To Breathe by clicking HERE.

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