I’m in Bristol this weekend at CrimeFest, the annual meet of crime fiction fans and authors. Many years ago when I was a first year student in Wales, as part of my anatomy module we were driven to Bristol University so that we could observe the medical students at work on cadaver dissection. For anyone who has read Too Close to Breathe you might understand where this kind of background has come in handy during writing the novel. So in a strange way, I have a lot to thank Bristol for and the dark fiction side of me feels very comfortable returning here to talk dark crime fiction and autopsies. Yesterday I took part in a panel that introduced debut authors. The audience were great and asked some really interesting questions on the writing process and what tricks an author might employ in order to keep going. We covered other topics such as what influences the creative process first, plot or character which of course varies from project to project and author to author.

I’ve another panel today, just after lunch, on ‘Life with the dull bits cut out’. I’m on with some really great authors so do come along if you’re here!

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You can grab your copy of Too Close to Breathe at CrimeFest, your nearest bookstore or here:

Goldsboro Books



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